IKEA Tarva dresser makeover

Ikea Dresser Makeover – Tarva 6 drawer part 1

To continue with the mid-century theme, the next purchase was a very, very average-looking dresser from Ikea (totally not retro, haha). First of all let me tell you that a dresser from Ikea was not on the list of our dream furniture. I really wanted a retro looking dresser, but everything I found costs at least $ 1000! Then we started to look in second hand store specializing in a mid century furniture. We found a lot of nice dressers but the thought of storing my underwear in a 50 year old drawer, puts me off! I know this is weird and I know that you can clean, paint it over, etc. However I can’t stand the feeling that someone else used to put his/hers socks in it (WEIRDO!, I know). Don’t get me wrong, I love old furniture and I constantly bring treasures from thrift stores like chairs, tables, mirrors. It is just my knickers need to be in brand, spanking new space.

Anyway after many, many hours spent on Pinterest I found few ideas:

grey dresser

I decided to buy the simplest and cheapest dresser from Ikea, it is called Tarva. It is a simple chest of drawers made of pine, which can be painted in a variety of ways.

ikea tarva dresser

Another big decision was the selection of colour; I settled on grey and walnut. To me this combination is elegant and will look good in our bedroom.

Walnut was not so easy to crack! After the first attempt it came out red, so I had to go back to the store and purchased dark walnut. I was hoping darker stain will cover the redness. I spent two evenings  with gloves, rubbing the stain in and wondering why I did not do a test run (like every blog post advised to!) I painted the drawers light grey. Since I wanted the dresser to have a mid century vibe, I decided to look for retro knobs. I found very nice ones at Anthropology but they were way too expensive (14 each x 12 handles is more than I paid for the dresser). By a chance I found this random seller on eBay selling retro brass knobs for less than $2 each! YAY!

I really like the end result. The walnut looks more oaky but it is ok, it works well with the grey. For $200 dollars I think it is pretty successful dresser makeover!

Ikea Tarva Dresser Makeover

Ikea Tarva Dresser Makeover

Ikea Tarva Dresser Makeover

Ikea Tarva Dresser Makeover

Ikea Tarva Dresser Makeover

                       Please check out a follow up to this post here.

Ikea Tarva Dresser Makeover Hack





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