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My favourite Ikea hacks

I love Ikea and I’m ashamed to admit i. Since I was a child trips to Ikea were as exciting as a trip to Disneyland. I am not joking, I absolutely love going to Ikea. Ikea furniture is on trend, very practical, really affordable -so what’s not to love? The only problem is that pretty much everyone I know owns something from Ikea and there is nothing worse than seeing “your” furniture is someone else house. Luckily thanks to a combination of creative people and Pinterest you can easily customise your Ikea’s favourites. Pinterest is full of amazing projects called Ikea hacks. If you have a little of time and are not afraid to experiment, here is a list of my favourite super easy Ikea hacks:

ikea hack besta

This is a great project to customise Ikea Besta. All you need is a piece of wood to be put on top of your Besta. Any lumber place will cut your chosen wood to the size you need. If you can’t find a lumber place near you you can go to Home Depot. The wood selection there isn’t great though but they offer cutting service. It super easy way to make a unique piece of furniture plus Besta is amazing for storage.
ikea hack coffee table

This amazing Ikea hack is from Hunted Interior. It is Vittsjo coffee table which is only $59 and all you need is a gold spray and some marble contact paper. It is amazing what a little bit of gold spray can do!

ikea hack console table

This project is a little bit more complicated (tutorial here). You will need saw and electric drill so probably not the best Ikea hack for beginners. However you can get an idea that possibilites are endless, all you need is a bit of imagination.


ikea hack dresser

I am pretty sure most people have owned at least one thing from Ikea Malm series at some point in their lives, right? I can remember having at least 3 items. Anyway this a super simple idea to make your Malm stand out. All you is a leather strip, scissors, nails and a hammer. It is a perfect Ikea hack for beginners.

ikea shelf hack

Spray paint is a simple way to add some glam to your apartment. These are basic Ikea brackets, they cost $3 each! you can paint them in any colour you want. In our flat in London I used copper spray on kitchen shelves and it made them looked really modern and expensive.

Ikea hack stool, ikea hacks

This is one of my favourite Ikea pieces; it is so simple and versatile at the same time. It is meant to be used as a step but you can use as a night  stand, stool, little storage units or anything you want. It is made out of pine so feel free to experiment with colours and patterns.


Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

ikea hack easy


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